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We'll get the best candidates for you in no time!


worked with a Bicon to find a new CFO. The company was looking for someone with experience in accounting and financial management.

Contractual to Full Time Staffing

We provide contractual to full-time staffing to help your business run at its best.

Global Recruitment

We specialise in end to end recruitment for IT & health sector in US, UK, Australia & Canada.

The Solution to Your Career Dreams!

Get the best talent for your business with Beacon's recruitment services

Beacon's recruitment services let you find the best job candidates for your company. Our experienced recruiters will help you to manage a team of professionals and develop and execute your recruiting strategy

Recruit new talent for Beacon

Manage a team of recruiters

Develop and execute recruitment strategies

Excellent communication, people skills


We offer a valuable platform where employers can find and assess Beacon Recruiters' skills and experiences.


we want to provide a platform that allows you to explore your potential and find a great job without leaving your comfort zone.


Temporary Staffing Solution


Staffing Services


Staffing Solutions


Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Workforce Solution

  Introducing     Beacon

We are a startup, looking for top talent in the beacon recruitment industry.

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

We hire for major IT & ITES companies as per their requirements & manage end to end hiring, payroll processing, appraisals, benefits till exit as per the contractual obligations.

Contractual to Full Time Staffing

As per the client needs we hire either contractual staff(Temp) or permanent staff for pre defined periods for Temp or long term for permanent employees.

Payroll Outsourcing

End to End payroll processing including benefits, Taxation, bonuses etc processing as well as processing & monetary disbursals, Tax deductions, Pension Plan benefits etc.

Domestic Recruitment

We do end to end recruitment for Domestic IT & ITES companies in a time bound manner.

Global Recruitment

We specialise in end to end recruitment for IT & health sector in US, UK, Australia & Canada.

Case à study

Case Studies

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd was founded in 2015, to serve the ever growing needs of businesses. We provide cutting-edge case studies and expert advice to help you thrive and succeed.

Our à team

Manju Jha

Manju Jha

Director Operations

Archana Tiwari

Archana Tiwari

Head HR

Govind Pardeshi

Govind Pardeshi

Head Operations

Global clients around the world


Avarage growth


Customer satisfaction


Daily data input


Hub it Employees

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Bicon is the answer for all your sourcing and recruitment needs.

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