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About Us

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About us

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd was founded with a simple idea: to serve the HR needs of the global markets

"Efficient and comprehensive HR solutions."

Global HR Solutions from Beacon Equius.

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At Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd, our commitment is to ensuring that each and every employee receives the correct benefits package designed specifically for their needs.

Get Competitive Advantage.

When you work with Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd, you'll get the competitive advantage that you need to stay ahead of your competition. Our experienced HR professionals will help you develop and maintain a top-notch employee retention program, which will save your company money in the long run. Plus, our team is dedicated to providing helpful and personalized services

"We know HR."

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd: Bringing the HR expertise to the Global Markets

Our team of experienced HR professionals specialize in meeting the unique needs of our Global clients. Our solutions are tailored to meet your company's specific HR challenges. So whether you need help staffing, onboarding new employees or resolving HR issues, Beacon is here to help.

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A company that caters specifically to global HR is born

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd came into existence 2 years back to serve the ever-growing HR needs of the Global markets in the US, UK & India. Apart from giving comprehensive contact Centre solutions using cutting-edge technology of Omni Channel solutions, it provides each client with an overall 360-degree view of the processes from OBD, Inbound, Outbound, Email, WhatsApp Chats, SMS & social media interactions.

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd is a company that has been in existence for 2 years and has been providing HR services to the global markets in the US, UK and India.

We are a reliable and affordable provider of HR services.

  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting(RPO)
  • Contractual to Full-Time Staffing
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Domestic Recruitment
  • Global Recruitment

Beacon Equius Consultants Pvt Ltd is a professional HR consultancy firm that offers a wide range of HR services to businesses across the globe.

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our team is dedicated to providing helpful and personalized services

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